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I started my blog

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Ancient History

Finally, I managed to update my website after months and decided to add a blog. Although I enjoy writing very much, somehow, all my attempts for consistent blogging had failed so far! My last attempt was 4 years ago, and ever since, I gave up on blogging.

But now I enjoy reading several interesting blogs, and I even spent a few weeks developing my own feed manager (something like Feedly but more awesome!). So, I decided to give myself another shot to see if I can continue blogging.


What will I write about on this blog? I don’t know yet. But probably my thoughts on my field (AI & ML), my life as a Ph.D. student, and so on.


Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out a good solution for commenting. I use Wowchemy, and it supports Discus and Commento. Discus violates my personal beliefs on privacy, and I don’t believe the Commento’s pricing is fair for my use case.

Iman Mirzadeh
Iman Mirzadeh
Machine Learning Research Engineer

PhD candidate & graduate research assistant.